Announcing Brandywine Banks

Announcing the Brandywine Banks site, dedicated to the genealogy of the Toy families of Delaware.

Happy New Year!  Last year, I found that there are two groups of readers that visit my blog.  One group is interested in the Toy Families of Delaware.  Another group is interested in Delaware genealogy in general and families of Sussex County in particular.  Few of the visitors seem to have an interest in both.

Brandywine Banks LogoTo accommodate these interests, I’ve created a new blog called ‘Brandywine Banks‘, which will focus on the Toy Families descended from Daniel Toy and Rosanna Coyle.  All of the previous articles about the Toys have been migrated there.  For all of my Toy cousins (you know who you are!), please visit Brandywine Banks and subscribe as you have in the past to receive new articles when they are posted.

This site, Nanticoke Roots, will continue of focus on Delaware genealogy and my ancestors from Sussex County, Delaware and various parts of Virginia.  For both sites, my New Year resolution is to write and publish more, so there should be more to look forward to in the near future.  My first post of 2016 is on Brandywine Banks, and discusses the immigration of Neil Toy, the older son of Daniel and Rosanna.

Future articles for Brandywine Banks will focus on the history of the Toy Tavern, the Toys of Ireland, and a painting I commissioned to recreate the Toy Tavern in water colors. Future articles for Nanticoke Roots will focus on my father’s family, the Carpenters of Delaware, and my pre-colonial ancestors in the area of Lewes, Delaware.  For both sites, I will also be writing short biographies of individuals in the family trees.

I look forward to future discussions with all of you.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Brandywine Banks”

  1. I thought James A. Toy was the oldest, born in 1814, and Neil Toy, born in 1815, the next. Daniel and Rosanna would bring their eldest son with them to America, while leaving the nearly newly born Neil in Ireland. It of course makes a big difference because the eldest would probably be named after Daniel’s father, which would point us in a whole new direction as to Daniel’s parentage.

    In one of the Hagley Museum’s oral transcripts, James A. says the family is from Tyrone. If family history is searched through County Tyrone, some interesting clues come as to links between Toys and Coyles.

    1. Nancy,

      I always thought it might be ‘Augustus’, but Tuesday Ashley found his name listed in the records of St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine. In the records, he’s shown as James Abraham Toy.

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